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ICE Powertrain

Engine Design & Development

Tailored System Engineering Approach For Efficient Powertrains

Full cycle development of engines with uncompromised performance, maximum carry-over, industry leading cost and time-to-market.

  • Benchmarking (Static and Dynamic)
    • Teardown Study
    • Target Setting
  • Architecture Definition
    • Model-Based Concepts
    • System Approach using 1D Simulation
  • Detailed Design and Development
    • Specifications
    • Emission Compliance
  • Design Validation (Combustion, Swirl, Thermal Management, Valve Train, MBD, Durability and NVH)
  • Prototyping and Initial Testing
  • Detailed Testing and Validation (Reliability and Life Evaluation)
  • Zero Based Costing
    • Supplier Development and Integration
    • PPAP
  • Launch Support
  • Common TDI & GDI Platform
  • NVH Reduction
  • Performance Improvement
  • Emission Control
  • Thermal Management
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • CNG
  • Bio fuel
  • Electric
  • Deep expertise in commonizing parts between gasoline and diesel engines
  • Robust and proven methodologies to support full-cycle development within 30 months.
  • Globally recognized for lower engineering and development cost
  • Competent and diverse team with rich OEM and Tier-1 experiences
  • Time tested technology supplier relationship
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure & labs including full vehicle prototype for powertrain testing

Engine Downsizing

Light Weight High Performance Engines

Downsized-Boosted engine to meet specific power requirement for lower cost and CAFE norms.

  • Feasibility Study
    • Mechanical Architecture
    • 1 D Simulation
  • Turbocharger
    • Supercharger Matching and Integration
  • Engine Balancing and NVH
  • Thermal Management
  • Prototype Development
  • Testing and Validation (Reliability and Durability)
  • Turbo-Charger Integration
  • Friction Reduction
  • Specific Power Improvement
  • Torsional Vibration and NVH Improvements

Engine Upgrade (Performance/Emission)

High Performance and Environment Friendly Engines

Friction and vibration reduction for optimal performance and combustion optimization for cleaner engines.

Powertrain Integration

Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Emission & NVH

Engine, transmission integration for high fuel economy & drivability with best-in-class CO2, improved drivability and NVH and System & Component Integration.

  • Transmission Strategy (MT, AT, AMT & CVT)
  • Vehicle Level 1D Simulation
  • Engine – Transmission Matching
  • Gear Selection and Optimization (Primary, Intermediate & Final Ratios)
  • Powertrain-Vehicle Packaging and Mounting Design
  • Tyre Size Recommendation and Trade-Off
  • Transmission Selection (MT, AT, AMT & CVT)
  • Fuel Economy and Drivability Improvement
  • Powertrain Packaging (Vehicle Level)
  • Cooling System Optimization and Under Body Solutions

Application Engineering

Fuel Efficiency, Emission & NVH

Design systems & components for country specific / application requirement to meet vehicle and market targets of performance and cost.

  • Feasibility study • Concept • Target Setting
  • Aggregate Selection
  • Architecture and Model based Concepts
  • System Development and Component Engineering
  • Prototyping and Initial Testing
  • Specific Testing (Duty Cycle, Emission & Extreme Environment)
  • Testing and Validation (Reliability and Durability)
  • Marine
  • Off-highway Applications
  • Power Solutions / Stationary Engines
  • Range Extender Engines
  • UAV

Move Towards Zero Emission


Electric Powertrain (Sizing, Selection, Control & Integration)

Powertrain Simulations

Powertrain Sizing, Drive Cycle Simulation, Performance & Range Estimation, and Thermal Management

Powertrain Virtual Validation & Testing

Vehicle Control Unit, Model Based Design & Development, and Software in Loop in &  Hardware in Loop Simulations

Powertrain Physical Validation

Bench Testing, and Vehicle Calibration & Diagnostics






Stationary Engine

Marine Engine





Virtual Validation

Physical Testing


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