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FAME(Fleet Analytics Mobile Enabled)

About FAME

The advent of Big Data and Internet of Things(IoT) have revolutionized the way data is analysed and utilized by industries to take well informed decisions. Hinduja Tech’s experience translates into a strong belief that when any of these two technologies are used in tandem with SAP HANA to build domain specific solutions, the resultant is a path-breaking solution which makes the relevant industry smarter and more productive.

Sensing the need for such a trailblazing technology solution to make fleet management and operations smarter, Hinduja Tech has developed an IoT solution called FAME(Fleet Analytics Mobile Enabled) for Ashok Leyland Limited in collaboration with SAP Co-innovation Lab.
FAME increases both the connectedness and efficiency of the fleet management environment by harnessing the combined strengths of SAP HANA and IoT.

Ashok Leyland Limited, a major automotive player with operations across the globe is our customer who has adopted FAME and will leverage it to optimize fleet management and operations.