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Digital Services

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Transform Your Business with Our Customized Digital IT Services

Leveraging our automotive industry experience, we provide end-to-end services to co-create value in the new auto-mobility economy. Whether you want to create a new mobile application or to build a new digital IT web application or to maintain your existing legacy applications, we are here to partner with you. Our proven engagement methodologies, assets, and agile workforce will help you to stay relevant in your marketplace.

Connected Fleet


Whether you are a fleet operator or fleet aggregator or OEM, and need to track your fleet performance, our Connected Fleet Services will solve your problems. Connected Fleet will help you to answer two key questions Where is your vehicle?” and  “How is your vehicle?”

Application Development Services


We partner with automotive manufacturers to plan, design, develop, deploy & support bespoke or custom application development hinging on agile software development principles.

Applications Maintenance & Support


Many times, co-existence of legacy and modern IT systems are necessary to support business critical requirements. We partner with you to provide necessary IT support to maintain such applications, plan necessary development enhancements and support your business team.

Testing and Automation Services


We offer Testing Automation, API & Web Service Testing, Digital QA & Testing, and Mobile Testing.

Technologies We Implement


We’re here to lead and walk with you into the future of Automotive.

Let’s connect and make something awesome together.

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