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RelAI Warranty

Reliability with Applied Artificial Intelligence Warranty

RelAI Warranty is a Cognitive Reliability Analytics Solution to reduce 10 – 20% of warranty costs for automotive OEMs & Suppliers. This is possible because RelAI has inbuilt Automotive Knowledge Engineering Base coupled with domain-specific algorithms.

Imagine vehicle – cars or trucks as moving data assets which accrued data across its life cycle right from conception till the end of life. As the data is accrued, it is already revealing vehicle failure signatures, which warranty managers can make use of to reduce warranty cost resulting in sustainable competitive advantage. RelAI harnesses your warranty data, telematics data, and root causes to provide actionable Product Design & Development Decisions resulting in Warranty Cost Reduction.

  • Lack of actionable Product Engineering Intelligence leading to rising in warranty cost year-on-year
  • Higher lead-time to identify root causes
  • Repeated failures
  • Sub-optimal manufacturing process capability at supplier end/in-house
  • Inappropriate service performed by the technician at the dealership level
  • Customer abuse of the product
  • Sub-optimal Product Engineering

Benefits for Warranty Manager

  • Reduce Warranty Costs by 10-20%
  • Accelerate Root Cause Analysis
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Automotive Focus
  • Domain Expertise + Data Science Expertise + IT Expertise + Consulting Expertise
  • Accelerators – Engineering Knowledge Base + Dashboards + Methodology
  • IPs – Data Monitoring Frameworks + Algorithms

Tell us your challenge in achieving your mission of reducing warranty cost of products. We are happy to solve!

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