RelAI Warranty Solution

Rel Ai

Reliability with Applied Artificial Intelligence for Warranty

  • Cognitive Reliability analytics product solution to improve product reliability through actionable Product Engineering Intelligence
  • Mirror the reliability of your vehicles from the field operations
  • Leverage AI & IoT to solve grass root failure causes with just a mouse click

‘Reliability’ has always been among the top criteria when purchasing a new vehicle. We are defining ‘Reliability’ as the probability of occurrence of failure of a component/product without the need for unplanned maintenance.

Imagine your vehicle as a moving data asset which accrues data across its lifecycle right from conception till end of life. As the data is accrued, it is already revealing vehicle failure signatures. RelAI Warranty collects the reliability characteristics of vehicle from hundreds of parameters from different data sources, understands the failure signatures, predicts the failures that occur & provide actionable product engineering recommendations. Enterprise stakeholders can make use of these recommendations to reduce failure defects per vehicle, reduce warranty cost and improve customer satisfaction. All these help to create visible impact on your top line & bottom line.

Are you facing the below challenges?

High Warranty Spend YOY?

High Vehicle Downtime?

Repetitive Failures?

High Count of Defects / Vehicle?

Then Experience RelAI…..

Differentiators of RelAI

  • Actionable reliability recommendations
  • Closed loop feedback to Product Engineering, Service and Quality & Warranty Functions
  • Proven framework and seamless integration with your IT landscape

Your Vehicles are Revealing their Failure Signatures.
Are You Ready to Observe and Take Action?

Mining Earth for Mineral Extraction

Mining Data for Reliability Action

Benefits of RelAI

Reduction in Warranty Cost of up to 30%

Reduction in Number of Defects per Vehicle

Reduction in Lead Time for Failure Diagnosis

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Design Right Products, Right First Time

  • Sub-optimal manufacturing process capability at supplier end/in-house
  • Inappropriate service performed by the technician at the dealership level
  • Customer abuse of the product
  • Sub-optimal Product Engineering
  • Lack of actionable Product Engineering Intelligence leading to rising in warranty cost year-on-year
  • Higher lead-time to identify root causes
  • Occurance of repeated failures
  • Reduce Warranty Costs by 10-20%
  • Accelerate Root Cause Analysis
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Automotive Focus
  • Domain Expertise + Data Science Expertise + IT Expertise + Consulting Expertise
  • Accelerators – Engineering Knowledge Base + Dashboards + Methodology
  • IPs – Data Monitoring Frameworks + Algorithms

Tell us your challenge in achieving your mission of reducing warranty cost of products. We are happy to solve!

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