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VA/VE Idea Management Solution

With pressure mounting on automotive organizations (OEMs / Tier X Suppliers) to reduce cost, Value Analysis / Value Engineering is a central theme to achieve this mission sustainably.

Lean design & manufacturing is critical for achieving cost excellence to stay competitive in the market place. OEMs or Tier 1 Suppliers have been initiating VA/VE programs, but there is a lack of end-to-end visibility with weak ideas in the pipeline.

  • Higher lead time for an end to end of execution VA/VE programs right from conception till implementation
  • Lack of strong VA/VE idea pipeline for conversion into savings
  • Lack of collaboration among the different stakeholders spread across the different regions to participate in the ideation process
  • Manual / broken communication among different stakeholders leading to poor visibility of execution

Benefits to VA/VE Managers

  • Reduction in lead time for VA/VE Idea Management Process
  • Reduction in idea mortality rate
  • Strong idea pipeline
  • Can be configured & Customized for your requirements
  • Gamification engine to motivate users for improving participation levels
  • Text Analytics Engine to match challenges with experts/skills within the organization

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