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Life @ Hinduja Tech

What does life @ Hinduja Tech look like…

As a provider of integrated Product Engineering Services and Digital Technology Solutions, Hinduja Tech is in an intensely competitive space. People are our most precious resources, with employee-centric, people practice initiatives being at the center of life @ Hinduja Tech.

People Development Practice

A strong culture of promoting collaborative partnership and building a competitive spirit helps create a global workplace with a unique combination of knowledge, skill set, persona, experience, and learning.

Customized learning plans catalyze individual aspirations for growth and lay the foundation for developing tomorrow’s leaders. Methodical performance assessment approaches highlight training needs and scope for career enhancement in real time and trigger corresponding programs. Multi-dimensional training approaches, including structured learning, “top talent” identification, and mentorship programs, help groom and nurture budding talents.

An organisation with less layers

A horizontal or a flat organizational structure encourages an open door policy where employees freely connect with their immediate and skip-level reporting managers for professional guidance and personal growth prospects. This approach cuts out layers of bureaucracy and enables quick and transparent decision-making. This structure also provides all employees an equal opportunity to sharpen their career prospects.

Work-Life Balance

Walking the tight rope of balancing career demands and personal life is indeed tough. An employee-friendly work culture proactively responds to the needs of employees by providing flexible and customized work options that promote a healthy work-life balance.

Work Hard, Play Hard and Serve the Community 

While we work hard, we also ensure to take time off to celebrate various occasions like festivals, wins, project completions, birthdays and anniversary bashes. Recognizing the virtues of ‘togetherness is fun’ several cultural events involving our enthusiastic team members take place. Our various fun clubs and adventure clubs organize several events across that lets us to let our hair down and participate. Our sports club with great cricket players attract  HiTechians and families alike. Health and Yoga sessions find place in our lives. Our social initiatives not only help create a community experience but also help touch the lives of many people. We have well planned ‘off-site’ initiatives and fun activities to help our people recoup their creative energies. Our social initiatives not only help create a community experience but also help touch the lives of many people.

Cultural Diversity

We are a microcosm of different cultures and a global organization in the true sense of the word. Hinduja Tech is truly a celebration of the diversity that is present in our universe. A true celebration of the flavours of diversity collectively propels us towards growth and success.

Equal Opportunities

As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to promote a work culture that is free from any form of discrimination, and maintain a work environment that protects the dignity of each individual.

As an organisation, we are proud of our people, culture and accomplishments.

Now, that sounds like a great place to work, doesn’t it?