How Hinduja Tech’s SAP can improve efficiency in the Automotive Industry?

Evolution of digital technology has transformed the business model of every industry. And, it has a huge impact on the automotive industry. In this digital age, to stay top of the line in the business spectrum, automotive companies should embrace digital disruption and adopt new business practices.

Innovation is behind the wheels of all the vehicles. Yes, connectivity is shaping the sector in a newer way. Some technologies are in the making, while a few of the technologies are in the verge of becoming mainstream. For an organization, it is quite difficult to keep track of all the technologies which are spread across the globe. For an organization, to keep track of all the technologies which are spread across the globe is quite difficult. Software like SAP can generate a centralized database for all different applications running across your organization. A management-level member would always be interested to know the key data points from all major sources, in a nutshell, to compare and execute the business transactions. Further, it helps to identify current situation in the ground level of each functional unit.

“90% of the manufacturing companies are satisfied using SAP implementation when it comes to IT cost reduction and 96% improvement is in productivity after implementing SAP in manufacturing companies”

Benefits of SAP for the Automotive Industry

  • A single, centralized solution for all your manufacturing applications
  • Manufacturing companies can get a complete, 360-degree view with analytics to monitor continuous improvement
  • Speed up the design, make more-informed decisions and accelerate market introductions by collaboratively engaging all partners with a single set of product data
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain processes become easier
  • Manage the supply chain better with a comprehensive system for production, sales and shipping to purchasing; goods receipt and communication management
  • Streamlines business processes to suit market needs as the company grows
  • Improves integration and ensures that manufacturing companies are effective and efficient with time and resources

Improving Our Customer’s Digital Experience

Automotive companies are on a journey towards digital transformation. Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, ‘SAP is your Destination’; Hinduja Tech has the expertise to give the right services and solutions you need.

When implementing Hinduja Tech’s SAP model, it easily helps to get rid of all the redundant legacy systems and multiple data source points to provide a centralised source of data. It increases the operational efficiency and gives transparency over the entire system which becomes the single reliable source of data.

Hinduja Tech’s SAP business process flow helps in speeding up the data process by eliminating unnecessary manual intervention and makes it less dependent. We made the business process in such a way to maintain standardization across the organization and channel them according to each unit. Also, the SAP business flow of Hinduja Tech avoids a high degree of repeated data entries and helps you in automating the reports.

Hinduja Tech’s SAP Offerings to the Automotive Industry: A Complete Solution

Technology is not only about enabling automotive companies to embrace digital disruption, but it’s about driving fitness, reshaping business models and influencing innovations.
Our best-in-class SAP solutions help you to innovate faster, increase efficiency and stay on top of the industry trends. Hinduja Tech helps automotive companies to reimagine digitized business models with innovative solutions across the industry value chain, and drive sustainable revenue growth and maintain margins, powered by new generation technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA, Mobility, IOT, etc.

  1. Reduce the Operational cost, reduce time to market, and increase revenue from the market
  2. Companies must respond quickly and effectively to changes in demand and supply. Hinduja Tech offers SAP MRP LIVE production planning program which provides synchronization to changes in demand, that result in fewer material shortage and delays. Maximizes capacity utilization and real-time inventory management. Increases the Production Planning, Improves Order to Delivery and Production Cycle Times and Reduce Inventory &  Planning cost.
  3. Our Lead to Cash process improves customer satisfaction, reduces sales and service cost and increases the Revenue Growth
  4. Since we have decades of experience in the Automotive industry, our Analytics team helps to provide various dashboard reports to check the KPI’s and KPD
  5. We offer various dashboard reports which provide real-time information on the fly  
  6. Our Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Solution monitors the performance and condition of the fleet during normal operations and helps to reduce failures
  7. Talent Acquisition Solution reduces time to hire, cost per hire and quickens time to contribution.

Going digital always starts from within. We believe digital is the future and it’s already here. Our SAP services have helped several global companies to adopt digital transformation and they found it to be the right platform to begin their digital journey. With data-driven customizable SAP solutions and services, make better decisions, meet enterprise goals with efficiency and unleash innovation & growth..

Reimagine your business models, the way you work, and compete better with our suite of SAP Services and solutions that are opening an infinite world of new possibilities.

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