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Digital Technologies



Implementation and support services ranging from the core ECC services to SAP HANA


Application Services

Trusted Partners for delivering Business Excellence through Technology.



Trusted partner in your Digital Transformation. From Content Creation to campaign performance evaluation.



Delivering niche value propositions to the customer by providing comprehensive connected solutions



From having profound potential few years back, Digital Technology is at the forefront of businesses today. It is resulting in an incremental transformation almost daily, perhaps at a pace that we do not realize, but over a period of even a short duration it causes a change that is hard to ignore. Simply put, digital is living today is living the promise it made yesterday.

At Hinduja Tech, we can help you be a part of this transformation by our solutions that span across technologies, platforms and devices. We help you build collaboration solutions to enhance productivity of geographically distributed teams. We help you to build smarter mobile apps, or create rapid and agile applications using Proprietary or Open Platforms. Our Interactive Solutions power your marketing programs leveraging top class user experience and help you realize higher ROI on your digital marketing programs. We help you decode the voice of customer hidden deep inside the social media chatter and devise campaigns strategies for maximum reach.  We enable real time business decision making, by implementing high end analytics using in-memory technology.  Explore more to know.